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Warranties & Conditions

Global Fishing B.V. fully supports its product and guarantees you the proud
new owner of a Navigator or Maverick baitboat that its products are free
from defects.

The warranty on a Navigator or Maverick applies for a period of:

4 years after delivery on all electronics and rotating parts!

The included invoice counts as warranty if this is signed for cash
and/or bank transfer. There are never rights on warranty if the buyer due
some pay to Global Fishing B.V.

Repairs beyond Global Fishing’s warranty, only material costs and labor
will be charged most batteries have a warranty of 3 months, except Rebelcell
has a 2 year warranty!

All our prices include 21% VAT and installation but excluding shipping costs!

Friendly regards,
Global Fishing B.V.

The warranty expires when defects are caused by:

  • Improper use. We mean by improper handling, poor maintenance, not cleaning of the boat, if not use the boat as directed.
  • The baitboat is opened without written permission from Global Fishing B.V. by the consumer or his repairman
  • The baitboat is adapted, changed or even construction changes have been made without written permission from Global Fishing B.V.
  • Your desired accessories are installed in the Navigator or Maverick by a company other than Global Fishing B.V.

At each of these points Global Fishing B.V. shall not be responsible or liable for any consequential damage

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