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Mobisun pro 2.50 portable 220V solar panel


Power up anytime, anywhere with this unique portable 25W solar panel with 220V, 12V and 5V USB output. With this solar panel you have the same electric outlet as in your home and more than enough energy to power a cooler, sound system, laptop, phone….

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Mobisun Pro 2.50 Portable Solar Panel

Portable solar panel with a 220V power outlet. With this solar panel you have the same electric outlet as in your home and more than enough capacity to power a cooler, a sound system, a laptop and a smartphone all at the same time. The possibilities are endless with the new Mobisun Pro 2.50 portable solar panel. The 25W solar panel weighs 5.2 kg and is capable of powering devices up to 250W including laptops, coolers and also complete sound systems. The solar panel can also charge other battery systems like the batteries of electric drills, lawnmowers and electric bicycles. The portable solar panel is equipped with the latest battery technology (256 Wh), which has a life span of about 10 years. The solar panel can be fully charged in about 10 to 12 hours of sunlight. The solar panel is splashproof and has a 12V output and two USB-outputs. The solar panel can be connected to other Mobisun solar panels through a separate 12V input/output connection, so that the solar capacity can be extended almost indefinitely. When here is no sun, the batteries of the solar panel can also be charged via the mains. The battery power as well as the input and output current are continuously monitored through an intelligent charge controller on the back of the solar panel. Specifications: 25W Sunpower solar panel (+20% efficient) Weight: 5.2 kg 220V output (pure sine wave) , max. 250W continuous, max. 500W peak 12V output, max. 150W continuous 2 x 5V USB output, max 3.1A 12V 5MM DC socket in- and output, max. 150W continuous Pure sine wave inverter for flawless connection of your electrical appliances. The portable solar panel generates the same quality electrical current as the mains. 3-fold over-current protection 256 Wh LiFePO4 batteries 3,000+ charge cycles (battery life about 10 years) The solar panel can be fully recharged in 10-12 hours of sunlight Using the supplied adapter, the solar panel can be recharged in about 5 hours


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