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Top cover or hull with hydroprint

With Hydroprinting it is very important to choose a desired print on H2O Foliedip. If you have chosen a print note the associated color number. You need this to complete your online order in our webshop. Then choose your desired finish mat or high gloss. Now your order is complete. Besides the top cover, it is the same process with the hull.

Color number top cover

Color number hull

Top cover or hull spray paint

With Spray paint it is very important to tell us wich RAL colour you want. Or if you have a different wish indicate this with a colour number. In this case you also need to tell is wich finish you prefer. Several finishing options like metallic, pearl-effect, uni-paint or two-tone. In order to avoid any disappointment tell us exactly what you want!

Ral number or color number top cover

Ral number or color number hull


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Weight 10 kg


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