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EasyAcc 9.000 mAh outdoor power bank


Rugged waterproof outdoor power bank with a electric charge of 9,000 mAh. This 9.000 mAh outdoor powerbank is ideal to use in outdoors and is shock resistant. This lightweight waterproof 9.000 mAh powerbank is easy to order.

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9.000 mAH outdoor Powerbank

This power bank contains an electric charge of 9,000 mAh, is waterproof (IP67) and shock resistant and is ideal for use in the outdoors. The power bank features a LED flashlight and comes with complementary compass and carabiner hook for easy attachment to your backpack. With this powerbank at hand you will never be without light and you will always have enough power for your phone. Because the powerbank can be charged and discharged at the same time it is ideal in combiantion with the Mobisun portable solar panels. The 9.000 mAh outdoor powerbank is ideal to bring with you during outdoor activities. The powerbank is small, lightweight and easy to carry with you. The powerbank even contains a LED flashlight wich you can use in caves or your tent. – Waterproof Design – 9.000 mAH charge – Contains LED flashlight – Ideal for outdoor activities – Small, lightweigt, easy to carry.


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